The early History of Europe



E. Atlantis II, Idea and Reality
E.Megaliths, Magical Stone Circles, Menhirs and Dolmen
E: The Description of Atlantis by Platon
E. The Position of Atlantis
E. Beginning and Expansion of Atlantis
E. The Atlantian Empire
E.The Blossoming of the Atlantian Empire in Middle Europe,the Bronze Age
E. Kanaan, an Early Country of Atlantian Tradition
E.Carthago und Etruria, last Countries of Atlantian Tradition
E.Forms of Life in Atlantis and the States of Succession
E.Religion in Atlantis and the successing States
E.Customs and "Bad Habits" in the first Countries of Culture
E.The Route to the Tin-Islands
E. The Empire of Tartessos