The legendary old Atlantis in the Bermuda Triangle
It is nowadays regarded as scientifically proved, that nearly 10 000 - 12 000 years ago, or following a date of the old Maya-calendar about 9500 B.C. a devastating event happened on earth, which had far reaching consequences for life of that time and caused considerable regrouping of land and sea areas. So in Siberian ice were found mammouths, the flesh of which was so quickly frozen that it was, thousands of years after freezing , still edible. In hippopotamusses and other for Siberia not typical animals undigested food was found, which consisted of plants which are no more existent in Siberia. In northern Siberia, in Alaska and in North-Canada were found on natural elevations so much bones of suddenly died animals that the peak of these elevations was nearly totally made of these bones.

But also from other parts of the earth there are proofs of extermination of entire herds of animals which were found far away from their native country. So , for example, an gigantic graveyard of elephants was found in the Columbian Andes and an enormous field of dead sea-elephants in front of the coast of Georgia. All this points out to the fact, that large areas of the earth were struck by a sudden event. Change of climate together with gigantic floods at wide ranges of the land. This change of climate, which altered a time of rising warming in its opposite, a sudden cooling with far reaching consequences for flora and fauna, is called by science Dryas or Time of Tundras and is dated between 9000 and 8000 B.C. It lasted nearly one thousand of years until gaining warming returned.

To the level of science of today there is only one theorie that explains all these details of an world-wide catastrophe. It says, that an enormous meteorit or asteroid had struck the earth. It had enough energy to disturb the spin of earth. The earth began to stagger and the oceans left their natural bed cause of the mass-forces and flow over the lower situated countries in a gigantic wave, sweeping away all animal or human life and dumping it at places where the current stopped. In other areas, in which the water rose more slowly, because of greater distance to the sea, the animals could fly to hills, where the rising water drunk them at last.

In the memory of all people of the earth this event lives as story of "The Flood", in which only survived who went into a ship or chest like Noah in the Bible or clung to a swimming beam and was washed ashore at a protruding mountain. In addition to the effect of the asteroid´s impact is today assumed, that earth had accumulated a considerable instability caused by the gigantic masses of ice, which had piled on the mountains of northern Europe for several kilometers. This instability was activated by the impact and both caused the tilt of the earth´s axis. By measuring of the magnetism of rocks was detected that the possible result of both was a moving of the North Pole from the south point of Greenland 3500 Km to the North, seen from the Atlantic. The Pole got into the Northern Ice Sea and the new beginning development of ice was now in the sea. Quite the contrary happened at the South Pole. Here moved the development of ice to the, until than nearly free of ice being, land of Antarctic.

Because the earth is on account of its iron bearing core a permanent magnet, staid the magnetic North and South Pole at its old place. This old place is situated on the Polar Circle and it is therefore possible, that before the described moving of the poles the earth´s axis was vertical to the orbit of the earth round the sun. That means , that there were no seasons on earth at that time. The sun shined more or less, corresponding to the degree of latitude. Because the poles got nearly no sunshine, it was possible, that there grew a gigantic mass of ice. Nevertheless the position of the earth´s axis vertical to its orbit can be seen as normal position from physical point of view, because nearly all physical forces are optimal in balance.

The assumption, that earth´s axis was vertical in time of the old cultures of Atlantis I, the old iranian culture and the old cultures of the East, which are not researched in that point until now, makes clear, why the calendars of these old nations, as the old Celts, the Egyptians and the Sumerians, counted with the moon. Because of the missing seasons the run of earth round the sun was without interest.

If you liked it more warm you went to the south, if you liked it more cool, you took the way to North. There were less thunderstorms and natural catastrophes and also less earthquakes. That this time left in human mind the idea of a "golden age" or an "paradise" is, facing these features, only natural.

Today the earth is in an not equable position. The forces of sun and moon try to put it back in the old stable position and exert pressure on the swimming floes of the continents. This produces again and again earthquakes at the edges of these floes. The not equable position of the earth is also visible in the still resting swaying of the earth´s axis called "praecession".

Although you could suppose, that the postponement of the poles, at the one side into the water and on the other side to the land of the Antarctic were nearly balancing each other, the level of the sea rose in the following time which was accompanied by a warming time and the end of a glacial epoch. The increase of the sea lies between 100 and 180 m because it was superimposed at several places by a rise of land.

A country which was struck extremely hard by the catastrophe was South and North America. To the knowledge of today it is supposed that the impact of the asteroid happened in the area which is today called the "Bermuda-Triangle". This region is known as dangerous because there excessive many ships and aeroplanes get lost by unknown forces of nature.
Because America is not far away and because there are no big mountains at the atlantic-side , which could break the waves of the ocean, America was nearly totally flooded. The result was, that in the lower land no life survived and nearly the same is valid for the countries and enormous islands in front of the America of that time, where many researchers suppose the old Atlantis I. These regions are flooded today by the sea with varying depth and only the peaks of some mountains rise up out of the water forming the islands of today and serve as an aid to orientation.

The center of this former country are the gigantic banks of Bahama with the islands of Andros, Exuma and Eleuthera. Western of them is the "Tongue of Ocean", a ditch of depths round 8000 m and at its southern part there are two oval holes of several kilometre diameter and unknown depth where the impact holes of the asteroid are supposed.

On this plate of Bahama were found astonishing things. It was before the flooding an expanded country with bays and inland waters and consisted of one ore some large islands. Since 1968 until now here were made surprising discoveries which are pointing to the fact, that this country has carried a signifying and varying culture before its destruction by the asteroid and following flooding.

Near Bimini were found under water constructions which you could take for roads, terraces, docks, and collapsed walls. In the utilization of gigantic stones they are remembering the time before the Inkas in Peru or the zyclopean constructions of Mykene, Kanaan or the megalithic tombs of western Europe.The most famous discovery is the Biminiwall or Biminiroad in 1968, an extended plaster of right- and polygonal formed stones of different size and strength. Many of the stones are right-formed or perfect cubic, what in nature does not occur in repetition. The bigger stones of three or four-and-a-half meter length form straight going avenues with two parallel roads. It is interrupted by two widenings of big flat stones the ends of which are positioned on upright set stones. This method of building is comparable to that used at west-european dolmen. The southeastern end of this road construction ends in a waved bend which surfaces again at an other place and gives the impression, that it had former surrounded whole Bimini. Three short dams, built of exactly formed big stones are of same width and are ending in cornerstones.
Because all these constructions are under water, it is difficult to make excavations like on dry ground. Only experienced divers could identify ,that the bulky pillars which supported some of the stones could not be in that position by natural means and that at least these parts of the roads were built artificially.

Additionally were found in the sea area of the Bahama-embankment as on the ground of the sea in the neighbourhood of Cuba, Haiti and Santo Domingo buildings as formed by human hand. Some of these buildings look like pyramids,terraces of temples or enormous buildings with domes. Northern of Puerto Rico were found the steps of stairs hewed into the rock, which lead to the former edge of the sea before 12 000 years. Divers, who found the anchor of an spanish galleon scratched the sea ground during its examination and detected, that it was lying on the mosaic floor of an terrace which was flooded before thousands of years by the sea.

All this shows really , that in this area the sea covers the remains of a great culture, which was nearly totally destroyed by the impact of the asteroid. Nearly, because the megalithic constructions at the west-european coast of the Atlantic show, that there were survivors of this culture, which were able to reconstruct some of the achievements of it and make a new beginning. The tecnical talents which are told of this high culture in the indian Mahabharata, that they were able to construct aeroplanes and things like atom-bombs, were lost in the catastrophe and the thousands of years lasting process of relaxation.

Why of all people the far away living Indians (D) saved the story of these sunken countries and its high culture and civilization until today is shown in other chapters of TOLOS.


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DIE GESCHICHTE VON ATLANTIS, der vergessene Ursprung unserer Kultur
by Karl Juergen Hepke
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