The History of Atlantis

                                                      The forgotten Origin of our Culture

                                                           By Karl Juergen Hepke



        Book 1



  Megaliths, Magical Stone Circles, Menhirs and Dolmen (17)

  Dolmen for the Dead , Menhirs for the Living                                                        

  The indelible megalithic tracks of the Atlanteans in Europe ,Africa and Asia.


                                  The Phenomenon Atlantis

        Book 2

  The legendary old Atlantis in the Bermuda Triangle (2,2a)

  The Description of Atlantis by Platon (29)


         Book 3

  The Position of Atlantis

  Beginning and Expansion of Atlantis

  The Atlantean Empire (12b,18)

  Atlantis, Beginning of the Metal Age


         Book 4  

   Canaan, an Early Country of Atlantean Tradition (7)(23)

   Carthage und Etruria, last Countries of Atlantean Tradition

   The Blossoming of the Atlantean Empire in Middle Europe, the Bronze Age (18,30a)


         Book 5

   Customs and Forms of Life in the Foundation State Atlantis and its Successors  (23)                            

   Atlantean Life , Customs and Religion in Canaan and Phoenicia (7)

   Customs and Form of Life in Carthage (23)

   Abuse of the Divine Orders in the first Countries of Culture


        Book 6

   The Sinking of Atlantis II.

   The Cosmic Catastrophe of 1250 B.C.

   Effects of the Catastrophe in the Mediterranean Area

   The Change of the Coast of the Atlantic by the Catastrophe


        Book 7

   The Migration of the Sea-People and the Indo-Iranean Migration

   The Situation after the Emigration of the Atlantean People in Europe

   The Settling of Atlantean People in Iran (21,35)

   The Achaemenideans (21,35)

   The Atlanteans in India (7b)


        Book 8  

    Etruria, Return of Culture to the West (15f, 2

    Atlantean Tradition at the Celts of the Islands.(8c)

    The continuous Life of the Idea of the Atlantean Empire